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It’s definitely getting colder out, and the leaves have started to turn color so suddenly. The weather here has been glorious, even if cool at night. Summer is pretty much over.

This morning I’m updating the site some. Maggie sits beside the monitor in the desk nook, curled up and keeping an eye on things. Mick, Willow, Pixie and Rune are on the back of the couch waiting patiently for some birds to show up on the patio. Hunter is having a bath on the same couch, while Fozzy slumbers temporarily on the other couch. Temporarily because eventually Dad will get up and oust him off there lol.

pix3Pixie gave us a scare last month with her getting Pyometra. She had to have an emergency spay but came through like a trooper and is back to her bouncy, happy self. So she won’t be having kittens, and it’s a real shame. She is a beautiful, loving girl with so much spunk. If cats have a sense of humor, this cheeky girl is the poster child. We are so very relieved that she is ok.

I’m about to get some tea and deal with this rotten headache that has been lingering for a few days. Maybe allergies or a nagging bug that isn’t quite taking hold thank gawd. But it’ll be a nice, lazy day for me. The usual weekend household chores (for me!) are done. I get to relax and enjoy the day. I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is going well too.

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