As you may know, my mother passed away last March. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb 2007.  My husband and I mutually agreed to have no more kittens during her illness in case I needed to suddenly fly to BC to be with her and help my parents out. The hubby didn’t want to be left caring for wee kittens or a pregnant mom-cat if that happened. We also decided to have our Micky (aka Moondancer) neutered. So we haven’t had kittens in a few years.

I’ve recently started a new job and am working full time again. We are now looking to buy a house in Ajax, ON, closer to where we are both working. Somewhere by the lake would be lovely, there’s a great watefront park we’d love to be near. So that’s the focus at moment.

runefireSoon as we see the move being more immenant, I’ll be looking for a full male again. You can be sure we’ll get Rune into some local CFA shows, he’s bound to make heads turn (I may be biased). Maybe Maggie will make a re-debut as well (she’s already a champion).

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on other Canadian Manx breeders. I just wanted to let you know that there aren’t any that I am aware of. Please keep in mind that my cats are CFA registered, they are purebred cats with pedigrees. I do not condone nor encourage breeding non-pedigreed manx cats (or other non-pedigreed breeds). So obviously I will not entertain breeding my cats to a non-pedigreed cat, I do not sell whole cats period, and I will not advertise non-pedigreed cats either.

Lastly, if you are looking for a pedigree manx cat, I have several very reputable contacts on my links page. They are USA catteries that I work with and are owned by ladies I know personally. I’d happily refer anyone to these wonderful ladies. Please note that there may be a wait list for a kitten. Also note that I do not keep a waiting list. If you are interested in waiting for a Canadian bred manx kitten from Mystic Tails, please join my newsletter or visit the site often.

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