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micky-shavedManx fur is very unique – there is a soft down-like undercoat with longer guard hairs. Not all manx are prone to matting, but those that are usually mat with a vengeance. As soon as a mat starts to form, it goes like wildfire all over the cat.

The best thing to do is groom your manx cat’s fur every single day – be vigilant in the warmer summer months to make sure that matting hasn’t started. Once it does, even if it’s just a little, it’s wise to take kitty to the groomer to have the smaller (easier to get at) mats shaved out. This prevents the mats from spreading, as they tend to do. Then the cat gets to keep his/her coat. As long as you are vigilant. Otherwise you and kitty will endure the indignity of the lion cut look lol.

I’ve heard it told that even Persian breeders have an easier time grooming their long haired cats. Longhair manx (sometimes called Cymric) coats are not as long as a Persian’s but it is still pretty mid-length. It’s that undercoat that sometimes gets out of control. And when it does, it’s like clumped cotton candy.

I only have 2 of my 7 manx that are prone to matting. Micky and Fozzy. Though Willow (Mick’s daughter) gets a few now and then. Micky is the one that you find one day has a perfectly fine coat, and the next, he’s so matted you wondered if he conspired to have it done over night!? Micky has had a lion cut every summer for the last few years because of this tendancy to mat. But he’s so much happier for it.

This is Fozzy’s first year of ever having mats and he’s 3. I’m guessing it may have something to do with the fact that cats don’t fully mature until 4-5 years of age. So maybe it’s a Fozzy thing, or maybe it’s that he’s nearly a mature cat. But let me tell you, Fozzy Bear was named for a reason – he’s been a fluffball from the day he was born. And now, Fozzy Bear has NO hair! Well, he has some left, the groomer left him a few.

So here are the glorious shots of full throttle kitties sans mats.

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