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  • Mystic Tails Pixie Dust
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As we do not currently have a full male manx, we are not breeding. Micky was altered after Willow and Rune were born – but Willow remains whole so we can keep that loving, lovely line. Pixie had to have emergency pyo surgery – and we were sad to lose her line – but she made it and is even more wonderful and spunky than ever.

I lost my job end of March this year and have since been working at home. I do web design and graphics and am a huge fan of WordPress blogs. If you have a small business or cattery you’d like to get online, you can have your website domain purchased, registered and hosted within an hour. I’m not kidding! Web design sometimes takes a bit longer, but I can work with any budget. I have a huge list of favorite WordPress blog theme sites – with hundreds of themes to choose from. It’s just a matter of personalizing the theme for your needs. That’s it, that’s all. Nothing complicated about it.

I also rank sites on the search engines. That means if you want your cattery to rank on page one of Google (no other search engine matters, Google IS king), then there are search engine optimization tips and tricks to make that happen. It takes more than a few tips and tricks on-page to make your site rank, but that’s ok, I’ve been doing this for some 10 years and have been employed professionally for several years. If you are interested in getting your cattery site to page one of the search engines – I’m your guru. Contact me for more info.

A good start to getting your cattery or cat related website to page one on Google is to list it in relevant directories.

- Cat Breeder Directory

- Breeder Directory

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I know this is pretty last minute, but I wasn’t able to get this post done and live until today.

If you are a Canadian resident and are considering Pet Health Insurance, head on over to Petsecure to enter their contest. You could win the $3,000 grand prize.

Grand Prize package includes:

  • a one year Petsecure Secure 3 policy to help pay your pet’s veterinary fees due to accident or illness.
  • a 42” Sony Plasma TV courtesy of Petsecure pet health insurance.
  • a one year supply of pet food courtesy of PurinaTM.
  • a one year subscription to Dogs in Canada magazine. Canada’s best-selling family dog (and cat) magazine offers you extensive breeder listings, health, nutrition, behavior, training information and lots of insight into picking the perfect dog for your family.
  • a Labrador Retriever Message Centre courtesy of Ducks Unlimited.
  • a one year subscription to Modern Dog magazine. Insightful and amusing articles and award winning photography make Modern Dog as faithful companion as your best friend.
  • Apple iPod Nano (8GB) courtesy of London Drugs Insurance Services
  • a Lifetime Membership to PetLynxTM. PetLynx embraces every means of permanent and non-permanent identification and uses a simple text description to recover your pet when identifiers aren’t available.

Contest ends September 30, 2008.

Enter now!

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I’ve spent a lot of time adding Mystic Tails to social media sites in the last week or so. I hope to see an increase in links into the site. If you have a cat related blog or site, we might consider sharing links! Mystic Tails is SEO savy, so we will have a preference for higher PR sites with the most relevance.

Please use our contact form if you would like more information.

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rune4may08Pretty happy with the new design so far. I think there’s a few more tweaks to do, but overall I really like the flow of things.

Do you have a cattery website that you’d like converted to a blog format (WordPress)? I can help you. Working with your current design, or make a fresh new one (like mine!). Contact me and find out how little it would talk (time and money!). DON’T pay amateur web designers disgusting amounts of money for a substandardly coded and/or search engine optimized website. I have 10+ years of web design and graphics experience. And my forte is Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM).

I’d definitely love to hear your comments on this new design.

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Hello there!

As you may have noticed, I’ve updated the website to a blog format. And you may also have noted that there is a new website design. A bit of a spring flavor I was going for.

So please forgive the dust and cobwebs, I’ll have the site back up in its new format asap!

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