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Wellness Cat food is a type of cat food that is manufactured by the company “Old Mother Hubbard”. Old Mother Hubbard’s production facility is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Although this facility has been operational since 1961, the Old Mother Hubbard company was actually founded in 1926, and was located at that time in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In 1926, the company was called “A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery”, and was primarily known for manufacturing hard-tack sea biscuits. However, at the founding of the company in 1926, “A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery” also began producing dog biscuits, once they discovered that their biscuits were also appealing to dogs. The company was purchased in 1961 by an animal nutrition specialist, and eventually migrated to its current location in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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Though none of my cats are old enough to be suffering from arthritis or chronic pain, I am constantly aware that health situations can change quickly. And, as you may know, I’m a health fanatic when it comes to feline nutrition. So you bet if there’s a natural remedy to try I’ll know about it.

Here’s one I came across regarding pain relief for pets. If your cat or dog suffers with a form of joint pain such as arthritis, bursitis, osteochondrosis (OCD), hip dysplasia and other degenerative problems with the shoulders, elbows and stifle joint, you should know that you can treat him/her with a patented natural compound called CM8™, made by Flexpet.

CM8™ is a patented compound in this breakthrough all-natural formulation that is clinically proven to promote optimal joint health in your dog, cat or any other pet. The combinations of ingredients in Flexpet with CM8™ are especially designed to nourish the joints, support stronger cartilage, help stimulate the lubricating fluid in the joints and increase total mobility.

Your pets pain relief treatment does not have to be with potentially toxic and harmful pharmaceuticals! Consider trying Flexpet’s natural pain relief product first.

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