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About Mystic Tails

Mystic Tails Manx is a small, closed (no stud service) cattery located in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.

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rune3We breed healthy, happy manx cats to CFA standards. Mystic Tails cats are not raised with children (I have none) or dogs (same), but they are fully socialized and accustomed to roaming freely in our home.

Our manx cats and kittens are raised as show cats primarily. Of course I cannot keep and show every kitten born here. So from time to time we will have retired cats for adoption as well as manx kittens.

Rates for kittens, regardless of whether that kitten is to be sold as a ‘pet’, solely depend on the showability of that kitten. ALL rumpy and rumpy riser kittens are possible show prospects and, as such, will be sold at a show quality rate. If you were not aware of it, only rumpy and rumpy riser manx cats are showable. A fully tailed or ‘docked’ kitten will be sold at a lesser value than a rumpy or rumpy riser kitten. If the tail is ‘docked’ that simply means that it has been removed before the kitten was 3-5 days old, much like how certain dog breeds’ tails and ears are docked. Sadly, the general public believes that all manx cats have no tails, therefore they expect to have a manx kitten without a tail. Mystic Tails docks all kitten tails for this reason. Also see our FAQs and Myths pages for more information on this.marvin-bree

All kittens from Mystic Tails are desexed prior to leaving my home. To hold a kitten until he/she is ready to leave Mystic Tails at 14-16 weeks of age, a deposit of 200.00 CAN dollars is required. This deposit IS included in the full and final cost of your kitten.

Currently, we are not breeding. There are no kittens expected or planned at this time. In fact, we don’t even have a full male at the moment. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007 and we had our male neutered at that time as I did not know if I would be travelling back and forth to her home to help care for her. She passed in March 2008 and we have yet to consider getting another full male.

As we do not expect kittens any time soon, there is no wait list. I do, however, highly recommend one of the very reputable manx breeders on my links page. If you are considering a manx cat to add to your family, please DO read the Manx FAQs and Manx Myths pages found on this site. A tailless cat does not automatically mean it is a Manx. In fact, not all Manx are tailless!

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